Graduation Requirements


Jefferson County Public Schools shall award diplomas based upon the completion of 23 credit hours of high school coursework that equates to six courses per year for three years as described below and five courses senior year.

Content Area

Credits Required 


 English 4.0 credits 1 full year of English 9
1 full year of English 10 
1 full year of English 11
1 full year of English 12    
 Social Studies 3.5 credits  1 semester of American Government (9)
1 semester of Geography (9)
1 full year of American History (10)
1 full year of World History (11)
1 semester of Economics (12)

 Science  3.0 credits  3 credits of laboratory classes in science that meet both process and content standards are required.
Required classes may include courses in three of the four areas of science standards including Physical/Natural Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

 Mathematics  3.0 credits  Courses must include Algebra 1, Geometry and one additional course at or above the level of Geometry. Algebra 1 and Geometry credits may be earned in middle school and will meet the Higher Education Admission Requirements. Those credits are not included in the 23 credits required for graduation from senior high school. A computer science course with a prerequisite of at least Algebra 1 is permissible as fulfilling a mathematics requirement.

 Fine Arts/CTE 0.5 credit  Fine Arts/CTE defined as music, visual arts, or drama or in career and technical education (CTE) such as Business/Marketing, Family & Consumer Sciences, and Tech Ed. is required.

 Physical Education 0.5 credit  Physical education and/or health and wellness is required.

 Electives  8.5 credits  Electives include fine arts, technology, career and technical education, physical education, world languages, and academic electives.

 TOTAL  23.0 credits   


Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors must be enrolled in 6 classes each semester. They should earn 3 credits each semester, or 6 credits during each year. Classes for all grade levels will be spread throughout the entire day, periods 1 through 7, during both semesters. Chatfield Senior High School also works with dual-enrolled students (e.g. Jeffco Virtual Academy, Post-Secondary students) on a case by case basis and according to district enrollment and registration policies.


Each class period is worth 0.5 credit per semester. Only juniors and seniors can be student assistants. In addition, Juniors must be enrolled in at least 6 other (0.5 credit) classes and Seniors must be enrolled in 5 other (0.5 credit) classes.



● All students in the top 5% of their class
● All A’s in all classes
● Minimum of 6 advanced Placement Courses, including two in the “Math/Science” area and at least two in the “Humanities” (English, History, Art) area.
● Earn 24 credits according to the Jefferson County graduation requirements.


● All students in the top 5% of their class
● No more than one B in a class, all A’s in every other class.
● Minimum of 4 Advanced Placement Courses, including one in the “Math/Science” area and at least one in the “Humanities” (English, History, Art) area.
● Earn 24 credits according to the Jefferson County graduation requirements.

Distinguished Scholar:

● All students in the top 10% of their class who do not qualify for the Valedictorian or Salutatorian will be recognized as Distinguished Scholars.


Students will be required to complete all 23 required credits for graduation for participation in graduation ceremonies. Cooperation must be exhibited with school staff members and administration in senior activities, including the graduation ceremony. In order to preserve the unity of the graduation ceremony, students must conform to school-sanctioned standards and expectations for behavior and attire. School property must be returned, and school bills must be paid. Students must demonstrate adherence to the Student Conduct Code up to and including the day of graduation. Diplomas will be issued from the school in which students are enrolled during their last full semester prior to meeting graduation requirements.

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