Senior Photos

Upload Senior Photos Here!
Senior Photo Requirements

Senior photos for the yearbook can be submitted online. If you used a CSH preferred photographer, they will pay your $15 photo processing fee, otherwise both are DUE BY SEPTEMBER 25th!

Upload your Senior Photo by clicking on the image on the Yearbook website linked here.


  • Browse to select the Senior portrait photo you wish to upload.
  • Scroll down to the correct information on the Yearbook website
  • Enter your contact information in case the staff need any additional information.
  • Add image information 
  • Upload Chosen Images - make sure the image information is correct

Image Information:

  • First and Last name of the Senior Student
  • Grade 12
  • "Senior Photo" in the description field

*If you do NOT submit a photo to the school, then your name and image may not appear in the portraits section of the yearbook.

If you have questions, contact

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