The Colorado High School Activities Association sets minimum standards for athletics eligibility. Although a school is governed by the state association, a school may set a more stringent eligibility requirement than set by the state. Listed are most of the general eligibility rules as set by the CHSAA. (For a more complete explanation and additional information, see your athletics director.)

Participation in interscholastic athletics as a part of a school’s education program is a privilege and not a right. Students wishing to participate are required to meet standards of personal behavior and academic performance related to school purposes. In this regard, the Colorado High School Activities Association and its member schools may exercise the fullest discretion permitted under law.

A student shall be eligible to represent his or her high school in an interscholastic activity sanctioned by the CHSAA if such student meets the following specific requirements:

  • The student is a bona fide undergraduate member of his or her high school.
  • In the judgement of the principal of the student’s school, he/she is a representative of the school’s ideals in matters of citizenship, conduct and sportsmanship.
  • During the period of participation,the student must be enrolled in courses which offer, in aggregate, a minimum of 2½ Carnegie units of credit per semester.
  • At the time of participation, the student must not be failing more than the equivalent of ½ Carnegie unit of credit. For purposes of this paragraph, academic eligibility shall be determined by a periodic check (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) of the student’s grade in progress from the beginning of the grading period for each class, as determined by the policy of the student’s school, to the close of the certification day for the interscholastic activity in question. In all cases, the periods of eligibility and ineligibility must be equal and at no time may the two groups become eligible on the same day.
  • Any player who has been disqualified from a match or contest for committing any unsportsmanlike act shall be disqualified for the remainder of that match or contest. In addition, the player shall be ineligible for the next regularly scheduled match or contest of the same level (sophomore, junior varsity or varsity). He/she may not take part in any other games or contests, at any level, during this time. If such ejection occurs in the final match or contest of the season, then that player shall be ineligible for the first match or contest of the next season of sport that player elects to play.
  • Any player ejected from a second match or contest during the same season shall be ineligible for the next two matches or contests of the same level.
  • Any player ejected from a third match or contest during the same season shall be subject to a penalty determined by the Commissioner.
  • These represent minimum sanctions for violation of this rule. In cases of greater severity, the responsible administrator may increase the sanction up to and including suspension from all interscholastic participation.

For more in-depth Eligibility information, visit the CHSAA site.


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